Welcome to Norway with Uniktur — your local guide!

Uniktur is a local tour operator in the district of the most beautiful Norwegian fjords. We provide amazing private excursions and tour packages for individuals and groups.

Our destinations are:

  • Ålesund — the most beautiful town in Norway;
  • Geiranger — undoubtedly the most beautiful fjord in the world;
  • Hellesylt — a small addition to Geirangerfjord, marvelous countryside;
  • Molde — town of roses and jazz;
  • Åndalsnes — the famous mystical Trolls Country;
  • Nordfjordeid — the center of the great Viking`s history.
  • Olden and Stryn — a fascinated natural area with glaciers, mountains, waterfalls, and crystal lakes!

Uniktur wants to differ from the others, so we develop routes to the most popular places, making them individual, with a lot of local secrets, gems, and small bonuses/surprises during the tours.

Our unique guides are very knowledgeable, helpful, with a good sense of humor.

Choose for your vacation our week tour packages. No hassle, no inconvenience, no stress. You will explore the Norwegian fjords with comfort day after day!

Uniktur offers excursions and tour packages for any budget, with a flexible/ customized variety of destinations and duration. All excursions are with high-class services and everything can easily be booked.

If you have any questions or special requests, please do not hesitate to contact us by filling out the online request form.

Check your cruise port in Norway. Choose amazing shore excursions!

port Ålesund

shore excursions in Ålesund Uniktur

port Geiranger

tour to Geiranger/Uniktur Norway

port Molde

Varden in Molde/Uniktur

port Hellesylt

shore excursions in the port Hellesylt with Uniktur

Port Olden

private shore excursions in Olden


Private shore excursions in Nordfjordeid with Uniktur

Choose your vacation package. Spend your hollyday on the fjords.

4 days by the fjords

walking tour with Uniktur

Oslo-Ålesund 8 days

Oslo-Alesund tour package

Hollywood on the fjords

port in Åndalsnes/tour with Uniktur

7 days in Ålesund

Alesund weekend tour with Uniktur