Cruise port Nordfjordeid

Nordfjordeid Cruise Port is the Viking Destination!

Welcome to explore with the locals this original Viking kingdom founded over a thousand years ago.

Peacefully nestled at the end of one of Norway’s most beautiful waterways, Nordfjordeid is a picturesque hidden gem. The surrounding emerald hillsides transform into towering mountains, and hikes in the immediate area reveal spellbinding views.

Nordfjordeid is a relatively new cruise port. This village is located in the west of Norway, in the municipality of Eid, the county of Sogn og Fjordane. The population is about 3000 people. The port is located at the end of Eidsfjord, a picturesque part of the Nordfjord fjord.

Nordfjordeid is a big fun of adventures.

Walk through the old city center and find the white-painted buildings lined with cafes, restaurants, bakeries, and shops. If you’re curious enough, discover the unique architecture at the modern opera house or the 19th-century Eid Church, which has impressive carvings and intricate paintings.

On a guided tour of the Sagastad Viking Heritage Center, you can explore fascinating exhibits and board the Myklebust, an authentic replica of a 100-foot-long ship based on the remains of one of the largest Viking ships ever found.

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Nordfjordeid - Olden - Briksdal Glacier

private tour with Uniktur Nordfjordeid - Olden - Briksdal Glacier

Great Viking Heritage

private tour with Uniktur in Nordfjordeid Great Viking Heritage