Hellesylt port

Hellesylt – Geiranger Shore excursions

*Only participants of these tours will disembark in Hellesylt via launches and will re-join the ship in Geiranger on the same day.

Unique shore excursion: Hellesylt + Trollstigen+ Geiranger


We will explore the awe-inspiring Norwegian landscape visiting the high mountain farm, proceed along the spectacular fjords, follow to the famous Strawberry valley; we will cross the fjord on a ferry and travel along one of the steepest and the most thrilling roads in the world.

What we will see

  • Sightseen tour in Hellesylt
  • Viewpoint over the fjords: Sunnylvsfjord and Geirangerfjord
  • Sightseen tour in village Stranda 

The alpine fields at Strandafjell mountains are bound to be a pleasant surprise on your first visit! The sight of fjord scenery combined with mighty alpine mountains is enough to take anyones breath away. Incredibly beatiful and challenge, say people who have seen alpine complexes around the world. 

  • Ferry rides across the Storfjord
  • Gudbransjuvet with the miracle legends. Gudbrandsjuvet is a 5 metre narrow and 20–25 metre high ravine through which the Valldøla River forces itself. The waters have formed a complex of deep potholes and intricate formations. The depth down from the surface of the water is about equal to the depth of ravine down to the river.According to a story from the 1500’s, the ravine was named after a man called Gudbrand, who ran off with his bride and saved himself from his angry pursuers by jumping over the ravine at its narrowest point. Gudbrand was declared an outlaw for his deeds and lived the rest of his life in a stone hut in one of the side-valleys above Gudbrandsjuvet.
  • Lunch at a restaurant on the Strawberries valley
  • Trollstigen
  • Village Valldalen — our fruits capital. 

    Valldal is surrounded by attractive alpine mountains and steep, green hills. A wild river runs through the valley creating several nice waterfalls, including Holsfossen, Gudbrandsjuvet, and Skjerdsura these waterfalls are next to the road.

    Despite the northern latitude, Valldal has a mild climate and is famous for cherries, apples, raspberries, and strawberries produced on a commercial scale. The thick forests are home to a large number of red deer, roe deer, reindeer, and wolverine.

  • Ferry rides across the Norddalsfjord 
  • Ørnesvingen/ Eagle road viewpoint and Seven Sisters waterfall
  • Geiranger pier

The price for a private tour (1-4 people) — from 12800 NOK

Price for the tour in an organized group — for request.

What is included:

  • Smart, helpful guide with a good sense of humor 
  • Transportation (car/minibus)
  • Bottled water
  • All ferry tickets/permissions
  • icecream — stop
  • some local trets

Not included:

  • Food/snacks/lunch

Tour Hellesylt – Stryn — Geiranger

Tour highlights:

•Waterfall in Hellesylt;
•The Scandinavian deepest Lake Hornindal — is well stocked with trout and monster Horny;
•The Modern Ice Kingdom — Jostedal Glacier National Park Centre;
•Turquoise lakes, noisy mountain rivers, crystal full-flowing waterfalls;
•Dalsnibba Mountain, where, on clear, sunny days, it is possible to enjoy unforgettable scenery of glaciers, snow-capped mountains, lakes and far off the bottom of the Geirangerfjord.
•Flydal Gorge, scenic platform and the great view over the Geirangerfjord
•Geiranger village is surrounded by imposing, steep mountain and countless waterfalls and has earned the protection of UNESCO.

The price for a private tour (1-4 people) — from 12800 NOK

Price for the tour in an organized group — for request.