Ålesund — Molde — Atlantic road round trip

Welcome to Molde — Town of Roses and Jazz.

Molde attracts tourists by the magnificence of nature and the richness of historical heritage. Walking in Molde is a true pleasure because you will find mountain river middle of the town, many wonderful monuments, and buildings. While moving from one attraction to another, you can visit numerous cozy cafes and restaurants, go shopping or relax on one of the spacious avenues.

Tourism later became a major industry, and Molde saw notabilities such as the German emperor Wilhelm II of Germany and the Prince of Wales as regular summer visitors. Molde consisted of luxurious hotels surrounding an idyllic township with quaint, wooden houses, lush gardens, and parks, esplanades and pavilions, earning it the nickname the Town of Roses.

This tour offers the best way to discover the true essence of Norway with Uniktur. A spectacular tour of the Norwegian islands and fjords, through the tunnels and over the bridges of the famous Atlantic Road and a visit to Håholmen on board a Viking ship. A truly unforgettable excursion!

From the stunning Art Nouveau town of Ålesund  — to the royalty favorite town Molde.

  • We leave at 9 am and will follow the alpine massif with cottages of a ski resort. Here we have a shortstop.
  • When we reach the village of Vesnes we will cross fjord by ferry.
  • After, we have a tour in Molde. It seems that this town is simply created for unhurried walks. The symbol of the city is a fountain called «The Girl with Roses”, which is located near the town hall. An interesting fact about Molde – you will really see so many roses in this town even though the climate here is rather severe. 

  • Then we follow the famous Atlantic Road, that has National Tourist Route status. It unites a number of small islands scattered across the Atlantic ocean. The dreadful road, which was originally meant to be a railway route, consists of eight bridges, a few causeways, four viewpoints, and even contains several cod fishing spots. The longest bridge stretches over 260 m and is called Storseisundet Bridge (Storseisundetbrua), but also referred to as the «road to nowhere». When you ride up the bridge, at some point it actually seems to end up with a precipice. It is also named a «drunken bridge» due to its twists, arches, and dips. The most dramatic view is the time between September and October, to ride along the Atlantic Road, since then it looks particularly sinister with abnormal waves crashing into the bridges from time to time and engulfing the driving cars for a few seconds.
  • We come to the tiny dock where a Viking replica ship delivers us to the island of Hoholmen. Here we have a delicious full dinner. A unique guide will tell the story of this place. We are sure you will come back here again!


  • From the viewpoint of Varden (407 moh) you can see Molde town, the fjord with islets and the famous Molde panorama with 222 partly snowy mountain peaks.
  • We back to Alesund about 19-00.

Unik – price: 13700 NOK per vehicle for individual tour for 1-4 persons

Duration   10 hours.  

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