Ålesund-Geiranger round trip

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Geiranger – perl on the fjord.

Among the most scenically outstanding fjord area on the planet! Geirangerfjord is the jewel in the crown of the Norwegian fjords. It is a fairytale landscape with its majestic, snow-covered mountain tops, wild and beautiful waterfalls, lush green vegetation and the deep, blue fjord.

  • We start at 9-00. The first photo-stop to admire Storfjord, where it divides into two sleeves, as if embracing Strandafjellet Mountain. From here the famous Geirangerfjord begins.
  • Next, we proceed along the coastline, through the many mountain tunnels to ferry pier. While we across the fjord, you will have 15 minutes to make memorable photos from the center of the fjord on the ferry deck!
  • From the ferry village Eidsdall, we head to our first observation platform Ørnesving — the Eagle road. At the top lies the Ørnesvingen viewing point, with its own waterfall. From here the view opens towards Geiranger, across the Geirangerfjord with its near-perpendicular mountainsides, the “Seven Sisters” waterfalls.
  • After a 2-hours stay in Geiranger, we will go up to the second viewpoint Flydalsjuvet, where you can sit on the throne of the Queen Sonya. This rest area lies near the steep mountainside at the inner end of the Geirangerfjord and is one of many locations that offer spectacular vistas over the fjord. From here you can see the 1,502-metre Laushornet peak and the 1,629-metre Eidshornet peak. Centuries-old timber was used in the construction of the service building and information point. The viewing platform at Flydalsjuvet gorge is designed with an upper and lower level connected by a walkway.
  • Visiting an old farm, dated to 17 century. There you can pet Llamas, Alpacas, sheep, and goats. We usually reserve a table for our guests and pre-order lunch.
  • Arrival to the city is approximately 17 (18) -00.

The price for an individual tour (up to 4 people) — 12800 NOK

Price for groups on request

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