Ålesund -Trolls country round trip

Journey to the Trolls country

It is one of the most popular tours in Norway!  

The drive along Trollstigen is undoubtedly more dramatic than most people can imagine. This journey offers numerous highlights, and the 11 hairpin bends of Trollstigen may set your pulse racing. Lush valleys, sheltered strawberry-growing areas, precipitous mountains, and vantage points guaranteed to make you dizzy offer some of Norway’s most scenic views.

This area is famous as a shelter for Trolls.

Your guide will tell you some amazing stories about Trolls who tromped through the imaginations of generations before they relocated from their ancestral lands (mountains, forests, under bridges, etc) to their new homes on the internet and books.

For several centuries the road was an important transport artery between Valldal and Åndalsnes, first as a path and then as a bridleway, until construction of the Trollstigvegen road started up in 1916. Parts of the original pack horse track are still visible and passable on foot. It’s an exciting alternative for everyone who would like to experience the road as it was in days of old.

The viewing point at Gudbrandsjuvet gorge is beautifully located in the Valldalen valley, with precipitous mountainsides, the river, and the gorge at close range. Over millennia, the Valldøla River has cut large potholes and intricate formations into the rock. The viewing platform is shaped like a garland in the terrain, leading down to the Gudbrandsjuvet café which is located at the very edge of the foaming river.

To catch your WOW, Uniktur offers the unique rout:

*From Alesund downtown to Skodjebruene — first photostop
* Orskog Resort center (toilet stop)
*Tresfjord bridge, 3 tunnels (toll)
* Andalsnes — a marvelous little town, surrounded between the mountains, waterfalls, and fjords.
* Trollwall tour center — photostop
* Trollcamping — photostop
* Trollstigen top — 1h lunch/photo stop
* Valldall valley- national strawberries road
* Gudbransjuvet — cofee/is cream/ photo stop
* Dyrkorn photostop
* Stordal photostop
* Alesund center

For those who take this 8 hours trip, there’s such a lot more to be discovered.

The price for an individual tour (2-3 people) — 12000 NOK

Price for a tour in a group on request

  • Guide, car/minibus, all roads toll
  • water, coffee, some local treats.