Vikings Islands

tour Vikings Islands/Uniktur/Norway

Sightseeing tour to Viking`s Island

Giske municipality belonged to the powerful family Arnunge Giske, and is known as the Saga Islands, and as the birthplace of the great Viking leader Rollo. The islands are reached by bridges and tunnels, the longest one is 4.2 km. Some of the islands had been settled since the Bronze Age.

This 4hrs tour is the best option to get to know all of Alesund`s highlights. Enjoy your privacy with the guide`s attention, traveling by unique routs to avoid crowds and queue.

  • After meeting with your guide, you will be delivered to the summit of the Aksla Mountain. Enjoy the fantastic view of gorgeous Alesund with its unusual architectural style. Listen to your clever guide, learn some fascinating stories about your next destination.
  • Trough the numerous subsea tunnels – follow to your next destination – the Vikings island Giske — the birthplace of the famous Viking Rollon, ancestor of British Royal Family.
  • Visit next Viking`s island – Godoy and old fishing village Alnes with the legendary lighthouse from Viking`s epoch.
  • Proceed to the Viking`s island Vigra, learn about great Viking`s Heritage and explore the outermost island in the archipelago of Viking`s clan Giske.
  • After the tour, you will be delivered to the place of meeting point in Alesund or any other places within Old City.

 Our guests will see:

  • Old city center in original Art Nouveau style
  • Modern and business part of Ålesund
  • Numerous picturesque narrow fjords along the seaside
  • Old amazing bridges
  • The longest island in Ålesund – Ellingsoy
  • Subsea tunnels
  • Islands Giske, Godøy, Valderøy, Vigra, Ellingsøy, Nervøy, Aspøy, Hessa
  • Mounting Aksla

Price for individuals with high comfort, avoiding crowds and queues —  6000 NOK for 1-6 person by car.

Send the request to get the price for a group from 7 guests.