Shore excursion port Hellesylt — port Geiranger


new shore excursion port Hellesylt


guided shore excursion in Hellesylt with Uniktur


tour to Hellesylt, Norway/Uniktur

Overland tour: port Hellesylt — Stryn — port Geiranger, 8 hrs

Tris tour operates also in reverse order: port Geiranger — Stryn — Hellesylt

*Only participants of this tour will disembark in Hellesylt via launches and will rejoin the ship in Geiranger on the same day.

Tour highlights:

Waterfall in Hellesylt;
•The Scandinavian deepest Lake Hornindal — is well stocked with trout and monster Horny;
•The Modern Ice Kingdom — Jostedal Glacier National Park;
•Turquoise lakes, noisy mountain rivers, crystal full-flowing waterfalls;
•Dalsnibba Mountain, where, on clear, sunny days, it is possible to enjoy unforgettable scenery of glaciers, snow-capped mountains, lakes and far off the bottom of the Geirangerfjord.
•Flydal Gorge, scenic platform and the great view over the Geirangerfjord
•Geiranger village is surrounded by imposing, steep mountain and countless waterfalls and has earned the protection of UNESCO.


We will discover the wonderful natural attraction of Geirangerfjord and the incredible scenery to be found in the Ice Age area of Norway.
Our tour begins in Hellesylt with admiring of the spectacular waterfall, which drops directly into the fjord.
•Afterward, we continue through idyllic places, wild landscape of fjords, rivers, and mountains before we will reach Scandinavia’s deepest lake: the Hornindalsvanet (514 m).
•Then we proceed along the magnificent Nordfjord, which we follow all the way to Stryn. Here we will take a break and enjoy a little free time.
•Close to the lake, there is the Jostedal Glacier National Park visitor center: we will take a break for having lunch.
•The next Highlight is the powerful waterfall Buldrafossen
•Then, we head upwards to 1500 m, on the slopes of Dalsnibba Mountain
•Our last stop will be at Flydaljevet, from where we can admire the Geirangerfjord from above.
•Our tour ends at the Geirangerfjord which is described as the most beautiful fjord in the world.

The price for a private tour (1-4 people) — from 12500 NOK

Price for the tour in an organized group for request

What is included:

  • Smart, helpful guide with a good sense of humor
  • Transportation (car/minibus)
  • Bottled water
  • All ferry tickets/permissions
  • icecream — stop
  • some local treats

Not included:

  • Food/snacks/lunch