Shore excursion in Olden

Private tour Olden — Briksdal Glacier — Loen SkyLift — Stryn valley

Discover Norway’s rugged beauty on this tour created especially for nature lovers.

Travel through the wilds of Norway to the turquoise and emerald waters of Glaciers Lakes. See the spectacular Briksdals Glacier and the high peaks surrounding it.

Overview of the highlights

  • Picturesque drive through Olden village
  • Panoramic drive along the cascades of Olden Lake
  • Ride an open-air Troll car toward massive Briksdal Glacier and walk even closer if you wish.
  • Listen for chunks of the glacier thunderously breaking off.
  • View the gorgeous Norwegian countryside while passing through fertile Olden Valley.
  • Coffee break and souvenir shopping.
  • Loen Skylift — one of the steepest cable cars in the world.

Our excursion starts on the pier of the cruise port Olden.

The tour will bring you through the valleys and past a „small red church“ from the early 1900. This church was once a present from an American collector of Norwegian antiques.

We continue along the Olden glacial lake. Here you can find a lot of farms as this valley is particularly fertile.

On the way to the Briksdal, the glacier tongue of the Jostedal glacier (the largest glacier area on European mainland), you will discover many waterfalls.

The Briksdalsbreen belongs to the National Park Jostedalbreen. From a height of about 1,200m (3,937 ft), the wild glacier wall drops off into the narrow valley Briksdalen.

A beautiful route, surrounded by waterfalls and mountains will take you to the viewpoint on the glacial lake, from where you can enjoy this amazing natural treasure.

When we approach the Briksdal center, we take an open-air vehicle playfully known as a Troll car that deliver us to the highest platform from where we hike to the glacier tongue by pretty flat and ease path along the glacial river (approx. 15-20 min).

The landscape has long attracted sightseers, and the farmers often offered them rides on horse-drawn carriages. That tradition carried on for more than 100 years, until the introduction of Troll cars. These small vehicles resemble golf carts, albeit ones that can easily climb the mountainous terrain. Named for the trolls so prevalent in Norse mythology, the cars provide a comfortable means for you to approach Briksdal Glacier. You can’t help but be mesmerized by its beauty, especially if you choose to walk closer on your own. If you hear a thunderous crack, it is simply a chunk of the glacier breaking off or calving.

NB! However, that path is not suitable for wheelchair travellers.

After visiting the Briksdal center, we drive towards Loen Village.

We will discover one of the steepest cable cars in the world. Loen Skylift takes you from the fjord to the top of Mt. Hoven (1011 meters) in only five minutes.

You will witness a breathtaking and unforgettable view of the landscape of the Norwegian fjord.

From the Hoven hill station and restaurant, you can enjoy panoramic views of Skala Mountain and Lake Lovatnet to the east, the Jostedalsbreen and Olden glaciers to the south, and the Nordfjord that winds its way to Stryn in the west.

On top of the Hoven mountain, you will find a cozy restaurant with an exceptional kitchen and glass walls for panoramic observation.  

Feel the crystal freshness of the air, drink the purest glacier water, taste the local delicacies!

Option N 2 without SkyLift

If the weather is bad: overcast, rainy, foggy, strong winds, etc., we can skip the cable car and go to Jostedalsbreen National Park instead.

Pristine nature awaits you! Surrounded by waterfalls, towering mountain tops, and Jostedalsbreen National Park, lies one of Norway’s most enchanted valleys, Stryndalen.

Tour duration is approximately 8 hours.

Price for a private tour by car up to 4 persons – 15000 NOK

What is included: private transportation; flexible itinerary; smart and attentive local guide; bottled water, local snacks, tickets for Troll cars.

In addition – tickets for Sky-lift 550 NOK per adult, lunch.