Tour in Åndalsnes

a private tour in Andalsnes with Uniktur

A private tour in Åndalsnes.

Åndalsnes is located in the Rauma Municipality in the Møre og Romsdal county, Norway. This lovely town boasts of dramatic mountains, deep valleys, and powerful waterfalls.

Join Uniktur`s locals and explore the gorgeous landscapes of royal mountains in the Andalsnes, the broad plateau on the summit of Trollstigen, the famous Strawberry valley, and picturesque, narrow Romsdal valley.

This route boasts fascinating views of the surrounding landscapes and is bespoken for those who love sightseeing, nature, and adventure.

Your 7-hour adventure through Norway’s majestic scenery starts in Åndalsnes.

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Driving Trollstigen with Uniktur


Trollstigen is one of Norway’s most popular (and dangerous) tourist sites. This road is surrounded by mountains with stately names like Kongen (King), Dronningen (Queen), and Bispen (Bishop). The road has 11 adrenalin-inducing bends and a sharp incline of 10%. There will be a photo stopover at the Trollstigen plateau so that you can take some memorable photos to share with friends and family. Coffee break.

stopover on Trollstigen platou with Uniktur
hidden gym in a private tour with Uniktur

Reinheimen National Park.

The park is one of the largest wilderness areas still virgin in the county Møre og Romsdal. Much of the original alpine ecosystem, including wild reindeer, wolverines, golden eagles, gyrfalcons, and ptarmigans, is still untouched.

summer tour with Uniktur
Gudbransjuvet with Uniktur


It is a 5 m narrow and 20–25 m high ravine through which the Valldøla River forces itself. Learn the local legends about witches, Viking Gudbrand and his bride, a farmer, and mystical cases on this place.

Waterfall Gudbtansjuvet with Unuktur
Stopover in the village Valldalen/Uniktur


A stopover in the lovely valley surrounded by imposing mountains. Valldal is known for its agricultural industry. Depending on the season, you have the possibility to try ecological fruits: apples, pears, apricot, but first — delicious strawberries.

Strawberry valley with Uniktur
Troll Wall center with Uniktur

Troll Wall center

The Troll Wall is Europe’s tallest vertical mountain wall and incorporates Europe’s longest climbing route 3,5 rm, where adventurous climbers spend the night in the mountain wall.

A stopover for photo/coffee/Rømmegrøt.

Troll in the Troll valley with Uniktur
Valldalen stopover with Uniktur

Romsdal valley

Experiencing the Romsdalen Waterfalls – Vermafossen, Slettafossen, Døntefossen, Skogagrovafossen, Brudasløret, Gravdefossen, Kleivafossen, Raudhåfossen, Svåafossen, Ølmåfossen.

tour to Romsdal valley with Uniktur

Driving back to Åndalsnes

What is included:

  • A private guide;
  • Private transportation;
  • Lunch in a wildness;
  • Coffee/ice-cream stopovers
  • Seasonal fruits in the Strawberry valley
  • Bottled water

Price for up to 5 passengers – 9500 NOK

Do you have your own/ or rental car and just need a local guide with the navigation and unique route?